T.H.S.A. teams prepare for District Playoffs

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We had beautiful weather for a few weeks for soccer. Unfortunately, the air quality on Thursday, May 30 resulted in all games being cancelled that day, but there were many great games the first three days that first week.

Our mini soccer program, those in U5 and U7, is still going strong. They play every Monday and Wednesday from 5-6. There are just over 50 kids in the program and they focus on developing skills and having fun games.

The Three Hills U19 boys, coached by Josh Wiley, played a fantastic game on Monday, May 27 . There were no goals at all in the first half, but Three Hills showed a unity and energy in defence that made it tough to beat. We had some excellent defensive play from Marcus Brown on the wing, as well as players like Chris Brisbin and Collin Munchinsky closing down the midfield. It was these efforts and the willingness of players like Henry Wu to come deep and help out on defence that led to the solidity of the night. Building from the back, it was through two beautiful goals from Michael Uwalaka that Three Hills went ahead, holding on to get a clean sheet after a last minute save from Yeseung Lee. The boys can enjoy the momentum and look forward to their upcoming game against Olds on Wednesday.

That same night the U15 boys played Olds. It was a tough game and Three Hills fell behind near the beginning with a quick goal by Olds. It was a tough first half with the sun being in our players and the goalies eyes. The team fought hard to catch up and to find the Olds net but it just wasn’t meant to be and the final score was 5-2 for Olds.

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On Tuesday the U13 boys played Cremona with a win of 13-1. Jack Perry played hard, netting a goal as well as covering a lot of ground in midfield play. Ty Folland did a great job running the sideline in both midfield and forward, and scored a goal as well.

The U11 B boys team, coached by Sherry Wiebe, had a beautiful night for a game on Wednesday and had a home game against Irricana. Ryan Brietzke displayed several offensive attacks, leading to multiple scoring opportunities. Unfortunately the ball didn’t find it’s way to the back of the net, but Ryan gave it his all. Levi Ewert played a strong defensive back. Kicking it up field from the back end, led to many scoring opportunities. The result was a 5-0 win for Three Hills

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The U19 boys followed with a home game that same night against Olds and played with grit and desire, winning 2-1. The boys were energetic and intense right from the start, something Olds struggled to match through all of the first half and portions of the second. It was a goal from Michael Uwalaka that but Three Hills ahead, only for Olds to level the score several minutes later. The boys dig deep and showed passion especially in closing the ball down, with some excellent defensive clearances from Shun Mimoto and Till Naujoks. Caleb Wolfe and Isaac Yip both came close to adding to Three Hills lead before a fortunate turn of events saw a long cross from Taro Arano spilled into the net by the Olds goalie. Three Hills saw our a nervy ending with Carter Debruyn working tirelessly to jump on any ball in the midfield. After an earlier game or two which saw Three Hills lose games that perhaps should have gone their way, they were happy to accept their fortunes today, and look forward to hosting Didsbury next Wednesday.

On Monday, June 3 the Three Hills U11 A and U11 B teams played each other. It was a windy night and although the U11 B had the wind to their benefit they just could not find the net. The U11 A used the wind to their advantage the second half and won 5-0. For U11 B, Luke Wolfe played with poise and perseverance, leading the offensive charge and Cole Wiebe played midfield and defensive positions to ward off oncoming attacks. His quick feet and strong kick secured the ball from progressing past him.

The U11 girls played in Carstairs that same night and won 5-1.

The U13 boys played Olds on Tuesday and the game ended in a 2-2 tie. Yerik Dominguez led our offensive line, and pocketed a timely goal with only 4 minutes left in the game to tie it. Ian Amendt led our defense with strong protection of the net, and running down the ball aggressively.

Three Hills U19 Boys enjoyed a fairly comfortable win against Didsbury of 4-1 on Wednesday night. While missing five players for various reasons, the team showed energy and maturity to control the game and keep much of the possession. Sterling Rempel, playing in goal with the absence of the regular keeper did an amazing job calming dealing with balls that came to him. With goals from Jihoo Choi, Jared Notter and Michael Uwalaka, the team was composed and patient in dominating the game and closing down the open spaces. The boys now look ahead to an exhibition game before launching into playoffs where they will likely play Hanna.

The U9 red rockets travelled to Irricana on June 6 with only seven players. They were forced to play long shifts and even spent some time playing shorthanded when tired players took a much needed rest. Kolton Vasselin was solid on defence making some key stops and Josiah Stewart played his heart out at the midfield position helping out at both ends of the field but Irricana pulled off a 6-0 win. The U13 boys played at home that same night and won against Carstairs 7-2.

The U19 girls finally got another game after a few cancellations on Saturday, June 8. It was a great chance to apply all of the things they worked on in practice, and it turned out to be our best performance yet. Shea Cunningham had a fantastic game on the right wing, working at an incredible pace the whole game and getting her first goal of the season. Other goals came from Julia Hildebrandt, Molly Brown, and Esther Ewert. Jessi Zabolotney and Jess Stewart, our two U15 call ups, also proved they can hang in with the older girls. The final score was 9-3 for the win.

Three Hills will be hosting our District Playoffs on June 15 for U13-19. All of our teams will be in playoffs this next week. Our U13 boys finished their league play in 1st place and will advance straight to the gold medal match. The U15 girls finished in 3rd place. Our 15 boys are in 1st place and they will also advance straight to the gold medal match. The U19 girls will be playing for gold also, but they have a busy week ahead as they have four other games to play before districts. The U19 boys are waiting for one more game to be played to determine whether they will be in 2nd or 3rd place.

Good luck to all teams in districts.