NBC Basketball Travel Team returns from Rome

Ashley Gagyi Basketball

Ashley and Darla Gagyi travelled to Seattle, Washington, USA July 4 for the first leg of Ashley’s journey to Rome, Italy to play basketball. While in Seattle, Ashley and Darla toured about sightseeing before Darla returned home July 6.

Ashley joined an NBC Basketball Camp in Olds the summer of 2018. Following, she received an invitation to play for the NBC Basketball Travel Team. This team takes high school boys and girls form Canada and the US to travel to other countries to play basketball.

In Seattle, Ashley trained for six hours a day for two days, to build the team, including six girls form Canada and nine form the us. July 7 the team flew to Roe, Italy were they trained more. The they competed against other teams from Roe and Denmark, then Venice and Bologna, winning all their games except one.

Ashley enjoyed her trip, meeting new people, enjoying the Italian culture and great food.