That's Life - September 21, 2022

I had to shake my head this morning, Monday, September 19 when I saw people in winter coats and toques. I soon realized the heat wave is behind us. I, for one, am happy to see the end of it. And don’t worry about the rain. I was told by an authority that most all of the cereal crops have been harvested and the rain will not harm the remaining canola and flax. By the way things look warmer with warmer weather returning next week. I sincerely hope we’ve seen the end of the mid-30’s Celsius for this year.

As more and more events and activities return to normal it amazes me just how busy our communities are becoming once again. I had a brief conversation with our bowling alley manager today and she would love to see our Hillside Lanes bursting at the seams with participation. See next week’s issue for more information on Hillside Lanes. You know, there are times when people are under the impression that a not-for-profit has no expenses. Well folks, a place like our bowling alley costs a lot of money to maintain and needs your support to keep things up and running. Consider joining a league and support our lanes.

As many of you know, my wife and I walk alot. We do it for our health. At least that’s why we did it in the beginning. Now we do it for the pleasure we get from it as well. One of the benefits is meeting the friendly folks of our community while we’re making our way around town. Anderson Park is a favourite stop for us and it’s the same for so many others.

I would like to commend the parks staff and our amazing volunteers for all of the work they do to keep Anderson Park so beautiful. Don and Doris Anderson would be so proud if they had lived to see it today.

I would also like to congratulate the Town of Three Hills for their Main Street improvements. I realize these changes cost money but when the Federal Government covers 75% of the costs I’d say it was money well spent. Add the benches, trees, bicycle stands and more flower pots and things will look fantastic in the summer of 2023.

By the time next week’s issue comes out I’ll be another year older. I better spend the next few days enjoying my youth. LOL!

That’s Life.