That's Life March 30, 2011

I've only known Lynn Gustafson for about 40 years so I don't think of myself as an expert on the man, his family or his Guzoo Animal Farm. It seems I have to rely on Facebook activists and city media to keep informed on his dealings and the health and welfare of all God's creatures, big and small.
My visits to the Gustafson farm have always been pleasant and always informative. Lynn is always quick to share his knowledge when it comes to his beloved animals. I use "beloved" because Lynn and his family are compassionate about all living things. Oh, I admit I think I recall Lynn swatting a mosquito once but that doesn't count, does it?
Around this time of year we can count on three things - taxes, the arrival of spring and a whole lot of short-sighted activists focussed on shutting down the Guzoo Animal Farm.
It's Zoo License Renewal time, once again, and it amazes me each and every time on how much media attention Guzoo gets.
Each year, thousands of people visit Guzoo, a working farm with real animals and no false fronts. Yes, it's true, carnivores eat meat. Road kill is often transported to Guzoo to be consumed by the carnivores. It's probably not everyone's choice to have their children watch a lion eat a dead deer but that's how lions survive.
The comment book at Guzoo is filled with honest reactions. Time and time again you will see, "We love this place and the hands-on approach we were allowed with the animals". That doesn't mean you can stick your head in the lion's mouth and not have it bitten off. You'll also see comments about those who are bringing their children to Guzoo because their parents brought them when they were kids. You see, the Guzoo Animal Farm has been operating for over 20 years.
It simply amazes me that the authorities find Guzoo to be in compliance with their licensing requirements while all of these armchair critics find so many faults.
I received an email from someone on Monday, March 28. The author writes about horrible conditions, poorly treated animals and says that seven out of 10 people on her personal  Facebook have reposted the link with negative comments toward Guzoo and often Three Hills itself. I suggest these geeks push back from their keyboards and volunteer at a petting zoo or animal shelter. You see, Guzoo is an animal shelter and a recovery centre for all kinds of animals. I refer to Heather Pliva's letter where Lynn and a county officer arrived at a scene to save eight abandoned roosters. Lynn called Heather later and reported that the roosters had been treated poorly for some time and their combs were frozen off. Lynn found a home for them in his barn. They were quite happy, warm, fed and watered. I don't know how to gauge the happiness of a rooster, but I'm sure Lynn does.
An activist photographer, posing as a tourist, would not know the background. He would simply take a damaging photo and fire it off into cyberspace, leaving many Facebook subscribers with the assumption that Guzoo was guilty of abuse instead of the true caring that went into saving these birds.
You know, most of us are taught not to jump to conclusions and not to judge. We're also taught to be caring and accountable.
It's such a shame that modern technology, designed for the good of mankind, is used by so many to destroy what others have worked so hard to achieve.
And - newsflash - the activists leading today's mudslinging against Guzoo will move on to destroy someone else's character, say Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff or Prime Minister Stephen Harper. There's just so much and so many to destroy.
That's Life.