That's Life June 23, 2010

All eyes are on Acme this weekend as they celebrate 100 years since being incorporated as a Village.
Organizers of the Acme Centennial have done themselves' proud. There's an opening breakfast, ball tournament, fiddlers, parade, opening ceremony, history book auction, show and shine and entertainment throughout the day, Sat. June 26 with Tom Phiillips performing at 9 pm.
There's cowboy poetry, bingo, square dancing, magic show, taekwondo, firefighting demos, petting zoo, crafts, farmer's market and so much more.
For more details please go to or go to and click on Debi Moon's "Acme to Celebrate 100 Years" feature story.
The Capital will be in Acme on Saturday taking photos and lots of video that will be uploaded on our new website at
Three Hills residents have once gain fallen victim to thieves.
RCMP are investigating a great number of reports involving items being stolen from unlocked vehicles. Police remind everyone to lock your vehicles. Remove your personal and/or valuable items from your vehicles.
These incidents seem to go hand-in-hand with warm weather. There always seems to be some people who refuse to go to bed at a decent hour and find themselves rummaging around in your unlocked vehicles. A wallet, watch, cell phone or pocket change is too much temptation for these seasonal insomniacs.
Do your part in reducing this kind of petty crime. "Lock it or lose it".
I would also recommend that you lock the doors to your home, day and night.
Would-be home invaders love to drive down alleys to see if you are enjoying your garden. If you leave your front door unlocked, it provides easy access to your cash, credit cards, jewellery and so on. You could jeopardize your safety if you happen upon them while they're in your home.
Also remember that this is the time of year when garden tools come out of hiding and go to work. Too often they're left out in the open. These tools can be used to force entry into your home or a neighbour's home. Lock them up. Get them out of sight.
As we head into the holiday season, make sure your home is watched by a family member, friend or neighbour. Keep your grass cut, remove leaflets from your front door, rotate interior lights or turn on a television to add light and/or movement in your home.
Help the police help you by reporting suspicious persons, or vehicles in your neighbourhood, especially through the night when most people would be sound asleep.
I know all of this can sound like a stuck record, but it seems we all have very short memories.
It would be foolish to think we can stop these negative activities altogether but if we all do our part, we can and will reduce what's happening right now in our community.
That's Life.