That's Life - April 5, 2017

Now hear this! Now is the best time to stomp out Black Knot.

Black Knot is an extremely serious problem here, in Three Hills, and almost every community in the Province of Alberta.

Take a look at your flowering trees that have purple leaves in the summer. If you detect the characteristic black, tar-like swellings, that look like a lump of coal affixed to your branches, then you’re dealing with Black Knot.

This is a fungus with airborne spores that will travel and infect other healthy trees in the Genus Prunus variety. You’d be hardpressed to find a Chokecherry, Flowering Plum, Apricot, plum or Nanking cherry that is not infected.

High levels of Black Knot

will eventually result in the death of the plant.Pruning must take place now, before the leaves appear and the tree flowers out. Knots are easy to see, at this time, and must be removed, destroyed and your cutting blades should be cleaned and disinfected, after purning, especially if cuts are made through infected material.

Failure to remove branches, beyond the internal growth, will result in re-growth of the fungus.

I have three such trees, all infected, and these trees are being dealt with by a professional. They most likely will have to be cut down.

I urge you to take a good look at your flowering trees, that fit into these categories and deal with this problem. Now is the time to act to save these beautiful trees if at all possible.

Now, on to the Three Hills Curling Club’s 38th Annual Cash Dance. It’s happening this Saturday, April 8. Doors open at 5 pm. Enertainment is by The Frere Band. I will win, I mean someone will win $10,000. So far I’ve had 74 tickets to this event and I haven’t won yet so it must be my turn by now. Ok, if I don’t win, I’ll understand.

One year I won a prize that I donated. Someone was nice enough to trade with me. Get your tickets at Adam B. Young Insurance.

This Thursday evening you can
“Laugh Again” as Phil Callaway takes to the Three Hills Arts Academy stage for a fundraiser. There will be a special musical performance by Lewis Frere. Call the Three Hills Arts Academy office for ticket availability.

And please, don’t forget to deal with your Black Knot issues. That’s no laughing matter.

That’s Life.