That's Life - April 26, 2017

Every once in a while, someone says something that just sticks in your head. Former Three Hills Mayor Myrna Bauman once said, “Volunteerism is what makes this Town tick.” Well said, Myrna. I have almost worn out your name repeating that statement. I just don’t get tired of it because it means so much to so many.
National Volunteer Week is April 23 to 29, 2017. I am a huge advocate of volunteerism. I didn’t used to be. I mean, sure, my parents were big on volunteerism. The problem was, I always saw that they were the last to leave. You know, the ones who always put the tables and chairs away before locking up the hall. Most of the others just came and went. It seemed like the same people did all the work and the rest had all of the fun.
But you now what, I thank God for them and their dedication to this community. I finally realized that they were “giving back” to the town they loved.
Now, we all know that there is a study out there for practically every subject in the world. There is actually a study that proves that by volunteering you will be 40 per cent happier. Now I know why my folks were so happy. I mean, there was a lot of joy in our house.
So, I started stacking chairs and cleaning off tables. I organized games, sold tickets, etc., etc., etc. And you now what? I became an even happier person. And that’s why I walk around with a smile on my face more often than not.
Don’t worry, be happy. Volunteer for your community.
A prime example of volunteerism is the workforce at the Knox United Church. This team gets together and puts on one of the biggest annual garage sales a person could ever want. It’s a garage saler’s dream come true.
Now, I have tried my best to sweet-talk my way past the outer guard to get first dibs on the many treasures up for grabs but they weren’t buying what I was selling. The truth of the matter, I wasn’t buying what they were selling until the sale officially began. No favours, not even for a “Happy as can be” community volunteer.
As a veteran of this Gigantic Garage and Bake Sale, I urge you to get down to the Three Hills Curling Rink early on Friday, April 28 before the 4 pm opening. And don’t forget that the Bake Sale opens at 3 pm. The goodies are getting fairly slim by 4 pm so get in there and buy, buy, buy The sale goes Friday, 4-8 pm and Saturday, April 29, 9 am to noon.
Donations can be delivered to the west door at the rink. Call Al or Ella at 403-443-7268 for information or donation pick up.
Wednesday, May 10 is the big fundraiser for Seniors Outreach. This is going to be a great time and I want you to be part of this regional community event. Our team will be out over the next two weeks asking for Silent Auction donations. There will be a Roast Beef Buffet, Live Dessert Auction, Silent Auction and a Dinner Show by Master Illusionist John Kaplan. Call me at 403-443-0799 for ticket information or drop into Capital Printers Ltd.
That’s Life.