That's Life - July 11, 2018

There is an old song by The Beatles called “Come Together”. Matthew Ironside and his band “Old Man Marley” played their rendition at Anderson Park on Saturday, July 7.

As busy as I was, that song got my attention and it really hit home. I smiled from ear to ear.

You see, great things happen when your communities “Come Together”.

On July 1, in Three Hills, we came together for a massive outdoor community church service and 6K Walk for Water. Wow! What a great day that was with about 800 people taking in the service and 125 walkers and runners. You just have a smile on your face when events like that “Come Together”.

Then there was last weekend. We had another opportunity to come together once again and we did with our annual Three Hills Summer Celebration. What a crowd. What a wonderful time.

I’ve had the extreme pleasure of attending parades and celebrations in Acme, Carbon and Trochu as well. I see the same thing happen when those communities “Come Together”. I see miles and miles of smiles and that’s what community is all about.

You see, whatever the event or project is, the bigger success it can be, if we all just “Come Together.”

Now, enjoy the rest of your summer. After all “We’ve only just begun,” but that’s another song for another, “That’s Life”.