That's Life - September 26, 2018

As a paid subscription newspaper that utilitizes Canada Post, the threat of a strike calls for action.

For over 100 years, The Capital has arrived in your mailbox with only a few interruptions. Well, maybe not your mailbox but you get my drift.

The looming Canada Post strike has been averted, for now.

In the case of a strike, The Capital will be available for pick-up at the office of Capital Printers Ltd., 411 Main Street, Three Hills, during regular business hours.

Copies of The Capital will also be available at the Trochu Town Office and the Village Offices of Acme, Carbon and Linden.

This will happen in a Postal Lock-Out scenario where our local Post Offices will simply be closed.

Remember! If there is a postal strike, we are also just a click away. If there is a strike, we will provide our “on-line” version “free of charge” to everyone, everywhere, for the duration of the strike. Simply go to our website at and click on “on-line version”. No password will be required during the strike.

If you were wondering when to put your winter tires on, I guess the time is now. I think we got about half a foot of snow last Friday night. It was wet and it was packed and driving on the highway must have been tricky in the early hours of Saturday, September 22.

I’d like to mention the date of the first real snowfall because people always seem to bring it up the next year and their dates are usually all over the board. Yes, it makes for lively conversation over coffee but let’s face it, wouldn’t you rather have the facts?

But then, you’re going to have enough to talk about with a Provincial Election coming next spring and the Legalization of Marijuana for recreational usage. I never thought I’d see a pot shop promoting “shop local’ in my lifetime. And a whole new meaning to Moonlight Madness.

That’s Life.