That's Life - October 10, 2018

This is Fire Prevention Week and The Capital is proud to salute the Volunteer firefighters throughout Kneehill County.

Inserted in the regular issue of The Capital, you will find our 16-page special section. For the past six years, The Capital has been honored with First Place Awards for this special section. These are presented annually by the Fire Commissioner’s office - Municipal Affairs, at the Annual Convention of the Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association.

We share these awards with the men and women who answer the call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to protect our families, our homes and businesses against fire. Our firefighters are also trained first responders, often saving lives in everything from motor vehicle crashes to heart attack victims.

Our firefighters are highly trained, skilled individuals who operate State of the Art equipment. We are blessed, in Kneehill County, to be home to six amazing fire crews.

We thank our many loyal advertisers for supporting our special issues throughout the year.

I urge our readers to take some time to get to know our firefighters. Make sure they know that we are so very grateful for the wonderful service that they provide to each and everyone one of us, each and every day.

And remember: Look. Listen. Learn. Be Aware. Fire Can Happen Anywhere.

You know we talk about “Shop Local” all the time. We’re all guilty of leaving our communities to shop and, as the years go by, we’re seeing a much higher percentage of Internet shopping, especially with the younger folks.

Next week is Small Business Week. The Capital thought it would be interesting for you to know just how many people work at some of the small businesses in the Municipalities within Kneehill County.

When you “shop local” you help keep these businesses alive and well. According to statistics, every dollar spent locally is circulated through the local economy up to seven times. So you see, the economic health and well-being of your local economy is dependent on your support. Without you and people just like you, our business community will crumble, jobs will be lost, residents will move to where the jobs are, house prices will drop, etc., etc. It’s not la pretty picture.

Small Business Week comes around the third week in October each and every year. But small business operates 52 weeks a year. Small business defines every business in Kneehill County. Without small business we would roll up the carpets and shut off the lights. Don’t let that happen.

That’s Life.