That's Life February 2, 2011

A short time ago, I attended a community function. I had the opportunity to address the crowd and I asked, "Do you feel as blessed as I do to be part of this community?" The response was a deafening round of applause. Oh, sure, I've had many band years tricking people into clapping. You know, first the boys, now the girls. How about, everybody clap in time to the beat, now faster and faster. Before you know it, everybody is clapping and you say, "Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, good night." Well, the applause at the event I mentioned was simply in answer to a simple question.
Last week I needed help. The basement on the Sears side of my building was under water. Luckily, everything was on pallets so there was no product damage. A call to Friesen Plumbing saw Randy and a young assistant on scene, within minutes. As always, they did an amazing job and righted the wrong in short order.
Last Wednesday morning I opened the back door to our office building at 6 am. The floor was wet and water was dripping around our front counter area. A quick call to Kenton Yost saw the problem solved in short order. Kenton and my buddy Len Schafer went out of their way to see that we were taken care of. Two feet of snow on my flat roof, with a frozen downspout spells trouble. Here's a tip. Keep your downspouts free of ice and snow.
During this winter season of tremendous snowfalls, Grant Gillespie and his boys have been wonderful. I'm so thankful for them. They have shovelled and shovelled and shovelled again.
On Sunday, I managed to get my truck stuck. Sure, it's a 4x4. Sure I had it in low. The problem was, I got wedged between two hedges that could have put some serious scratches on my vehicle, and we can't have that.
Before I called AMA, to prepare for my day-long wait, I spotted a Heavy Metal Auto Wreckers truck on Main Street. I asked the driver if he could help me out and without question, he obliged. He hooked up and walked that truck out of there without the notion of a scratch. Again, I was on the road.
Some serious snow had to be cleared. I made a call to my school chum, Bruce Sept and he and his Bobcat were all over it almost before I hung up the phone.
So I'll ask you again. "Do you feel as blessed as I do to be part of this community?" I know the answer.
That's Life.