That's Life - November 21, 2018

Before we know it Christmas will be here and what a busy time it is for all of us.

This year The Capital celebrates its 40th year featuring Christmas greetings created by our grades four and five school students.

This has been an amazing journey over the past four decades and I know that this year’s Christmas issue will be very special.

As in the past, the front pages of our first and section sections will be filled with the signatures of individuals and families offering Christmas wishes to our many readers. We charge $3 for an individual name and $5 for a couple or family. All the money collected is donated to the Three Hills Area Food Bank.

To date, our Christmas cover pages have seen about $50,000 turned over tot he Three Hills Area Food Bank, thanks to your participation.

The Three Hills Water Tower and Anderson Park Christmas lights will be shining when Three Hills celebrates the Moonlight Christmas Market next weekend. They will be powered up on Friday, November 30 and will shine each night through to the New Year.

According to the weather forecast, daytime temperatures should be fairly comfortable for decorating your home and business exteriors. Do it now before we’re knee-deep in snow.

Don’t forget to purchase your tickets for the Three Hills Arts Academy presenting of Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Shows are November 29 to December 2. Saturday, December 1 offers two shows with a 2 pm and 7 pm performance. Tickets are available at

Don’t forget to check The Capital each week for pre-Christmas teas, bake sales, markets and musical celebrations.

I know you can’t be everywhere, but give it your best shot.

That’s Life.