That's Life - January 9, 2019

Remember to place your old Christmas tree at your front curb. Members of Three HIlls Public Works will be picking up trees on Friday, January 11 and 18. Please do not put your tree in a plastic bag and make sure all lights and decorations are removed.

The trees will be taken to the Three Hills Recreation Park (ball diamonds) in preparation for the Three HIlls Winter Celebration on Saturday, January 19.

If you’re new to town, this is a fun evening of high level fireworks, a huge bonfire along with free hot dogs and hot chocolate. The concession opens at 6 pm and the bonfire starts at 6 pm as well. The fireworks show begins at 6:30 pm sharp.

You know I say this every year because there are late comers every year. So, please make sure you give yourself ample time to park, eat and find a place to view the fireworks. And please make sure you and your family are dressed for the weather.

I never thought I would admit it but I, for one, am glad to get back into a routine. Yes, it’s nice to be able to enjoy a lengthy Christmas holiday but the days were starting to get a little long. It would be different if a person was more of an outdoor enthusiast but my snowmobiling days seem to be behind me.

On my way to the office this morning, I experienced something that caught me by surprise. As I drove northbound on 6th Ave., I saw three headlights in the southbound lane. It turned out to be someone on a motor scooter, followed by a pickup truck. A motor scooter is not something you see in Three Hills in January. I hope he or she made it safely to where they were going. I don’t imagine the tires were studded.

In closing, I would like to remind everyone that the Three HIlls Aquatic Centre is closed for annual maintenance. The closure runs from January 7-18, 2019.

And remember, students are back in class so use extra care and caution when driving in close proximity to our schools.

RCMP are pleased to report that there were very few impaired driving violations processed in the detachment area over the month of December.

That’s Life.