That's Life - June 12, 2019

Remember those lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer? Well, if you do, you were probably a kid with not a worry in the world. What I have noticed is that we have a very short season to jam as much outdoor activity in as possible and that can result in a lot of work for a lot of people. Those people are usually described as volunteers. And those are the people who make our towns and villages tick.
Just last week I attended the Seniors Outreach Annual General Meeting. They registered about 10,000 hours of volunteer work in the last year with close to 200 volunteers.
Cruise Weekend, in Three Hills, is another prime example of outstanding volunteerism and dedication to the community. Without volunteers events like this would never happen. Go anywhere and if you find a healthy, active, vibrant community, you won’t have to look too long before you find a strong volunteer network.
Hats off to all of you who make things happen throughout Kneehill County and beyond.
And speaking of “hat’s off” don’t forget to celebrate Father’s Day this Sunday, June 16.
As a dad I have often been asked, “What do you want to do on Father’s Day?” My answer, on the most part is, “Nothing”. “Nothing” is an amazing gift. And if my gift to myself is “nothing” perhaps I could do “nothing” next to a fishing hole with my trusty rod and a can of worms by my side. Oh, and the fish should be biting like crazy.
Anyway, Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads. I hope you get showered with love on this day and every day for that matter. Now, all I can think about is fishing.
That is except for the 6k Walk/Run for Water to be held on Sunday, June 30 at Anderson Park in Three Hills. The event begins with a community church service, at the park, at 10 am, followed by the 6k event. See next week’s issue for full details.
That’s Life.