That's Life - September 4, 2019

One last stretch and a big yawn and then it’s time to get back to some kind of a routine.

School is back in class and with that comes varied emotions. There are the mothers in tears as their baby sits down for their first day at school, to the youngsters I overhead in our alley this morning being quite vocal about having to go back to school on such a lovely day. I’ll let you use your imagination about the kind of colourful language that was being used.

I couldn’t help but notice the RCMP cruising Sixth Avenue to keep an eye on speeders and to make sure that drivers actually stop at the stop signs. RCMP report that drivers were very cautious and compliant with the rules of the road on the first day of school in Three Hills.

I have been asked to mention that there are far too many youngsters riding far too fast on their bicycles on Main Street/sidewalks.

We have a lot of senior citizens coming and going from the retails shops If the speed continues, somebody is going to get hurt. Please speak to your children about bike safety. Bicycles are not meant to be ridden on any town sidewalk, especially bikes with a wheel size over 14 inches. Also, anyone under the age of 18 years must wear a helmet, by law. You also require a bell or a horn. All bicycles must be equipped with brakes. When cycling at night, you must have a white head-lamp, a red tail lamp and a red rear reflector.

And remember, you are obligated to obey the rules of the road. That means all traffic signs must be obeyed. Stop means stop. Stop does not mean it’s OK for cyclists to ride through without a care in the world. Be aware of drivers of automobiles as they are trying to be aware of you. Slow down and respect vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

I hope to see all of you at Three Hills Discovery Night this evening, Wednesday, Sept. 4 at the Three Hills Curling Rink from 5:30 pm to 7 pm. This is an ideal opportunity for you to get to know Three Hills for the first time or simply get reacquainted with what Three HiIls has to offer. Remember, the hot dog barbeque is by donation. All proceeds go to Kneehill KidSport, So All Kids Can Play.

That’s Life.