About the only ways we had to judge the length of a year was Christmas and our birthday. Now we have COVID-19 restrictions.

If you took in yesterday’s announcements by Premier Kenney, Health Minister Shandro and Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, you are aware that restrictions have been eased somewhat as we enter Phase Two of our reopening plan. Slow but sure is one way to look at it. Others might not be so kind with their comments. Not everyone appreciate

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In bold letters it reads, “Now is NOT the time to travel”. Now, my wife doesn’t fly, if she did we would probably be in Palm Springs. That being said, I’m just fine with that, especially when I became aware of the new travel measures announced by the Federal Government.

People who travel by air, for non-essential reasons, such as vacation, will face new measures and expenses when they return to Canada.

Travellers must still provide proof of a negative pre-departure test.

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Until the Province of Alberta pulls back on COVID-19 restrictions, the office of The Capital will be in lock down.

We do have a double set of doors that allows us to leave the outside doors open.

As we are strictly a newspaper office, most everything can be done electronically.

If you do have something to drop off there is a drop box in the entryway. Feel free to call us at 403.443.5133 or email us at info@threehillscapital.com.

We have noticed that more and more people were entering our office

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I have done everything I can to comply with COVID-19 restrictions. I do however understand the frustration and mental anguish that business owners are experiencing due to the lockdowns, after all, I’m a business owner.

I don’t usually wade into this sort of thing but I just don’t understand the rationale behind closing the sitting areas of restaurants when people are walking around our grocery store without masks because they can.

I look forward to Dr. Hinshaw’s update on

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