Well, we’ve all had the opportunity to vote in the 2019 Alberta Election but going to print Tuesday evening for Wednesday mailing does not allow us to print pictures and vote tallies on the front page. After all the advance polls, out-of-riding votes will not be counted until Wednesday with tabulation beginning at 1 pm. Check our website at www.threehillscapital.com for numbers as we get them.

Golf courses in Kneehill County are open for business. I’m hearing that everything is in go

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In two weeks, Alberta Election 2019 will be over and we will all know the outcome. What party will lead this great province for the next four years? In the constituency of Olds/Didsbury/Three Hills, your ballot choices will be: Alberta Party - Chase Brown, UCP - Nathan Cooper, FCP - Allen MacLennan, NDP - Kyle Johnston and Alberta Advantage - Dave Hughes. May the best party win and then follow up on the promises their Leaders have made to the citizens of Alberta. That’s the hard part.


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Before we know it, we’ll be at the polls to decide who will govern Alberta for the next four years.

The signs are beginning to appear but there really isn’t a lot of time to

decide who you will support if you haven’t already decided.

The 2019 Provincial General Election will be held on Tuesday, April 16, 2019.

The Advance Poll Days are: Tuesday, April 9, Wednesday, April 10, Thursday, April 11, Friday, April 12 and Saturday, April 13.

You can vote in the Advance Polls at the El

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After weeks of extreme cold we finally made it north of minus 10 Celsius. Along with warmer temperatures comes the possibility of more snow. I’ll take it. Not that I have much choice.

You will notice our Public Works crews are busy cleaning Saturday’s snow from our streets. Please take note of the “No Parking” signs that have been placed around town indicating when your street is to be cleared.

Please be patient as it takes time to clear the 24.9 km of streets within the

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