Ghost Pine News - June 1, 2016

Congratulations to all of the Three Hills School grads! We wish you the best in all of your future endeavours.

Recent visitors at the home of Ruth Andrews were Clint and Laurie King of Smith Falls, Ontario. Laurie is Ruth’s  niece.

Sympathy of the community goes out to the family of Elma Wilson, who passed away recently in Calgary.

Grace Reed was delighted to get a phone call from her grade nine teacher, Oriole MacDonald. She hadn’t been in contact with her for at least 70 years. They talked and talked and hope to get together soon.

Wasn’t “Anne of Green Gables” an excellent production? We are so fortunate to have such talented people in our community.

This column would hardly be worth reading if we didn’t give you the whist scores. On May 19, this is what happened. Those who were in full bloom were Sharon Lee, Bonnie Richardson, Jim Sailer, and Bernice Huxley. Those who were just starting to bud were Pearl Hansen, Glen Johnson, Delores Bauer and Marlene Luijkx.

On May 26 when they played again, those who branched out the most were Doreen Varga, Allen Huxley, Joan Tullikopf and John W. Those who stayed close to their roots were Art Luijkx, Pearl Hansen, Bill Martin and Bette Sittler.

Ed and Karin Nakaska have had a busy weekend. They attended the graduation of their granddaughter, Maggie Adolf in Trochu. Also there for the occasion was Maurine Hopkins and daughters Moira and Kathryn from Edmonton. Karin’s brother, Leonard Linde is presently visiting them from Casper, Wyoming.

Andy and Irene Nakaska and grandson Reid Penner of Acme travelled to Hague, Sask. on the long weekend to visit Faron and Heather Nakaska and family. They also attended Andy and Irene’s grandson Lachlan’s first communion.

Congratulations to Lane and Tammy Stewart on the birth of their first child. Hudson Lane Stewart arrived early Wednesday morning on Wednesday, May 25. He weighed 7 lbs. 11 oz. and was in church on Sunday morning, although he slept through the whole service.