Congratulations to all of the Three Hills School grads! We wish you the best in all of your future endeavours.

Recent visitors at the home of Ruth Andrews were Clint and Laurie King of Smith Falls, Ontario. Laurie is Ruth’s  niece.

Sympathy of the community goes out to the family of Elma Wilson, who passed away recently in Calgary.

Grace Reed was delighted to get a phone call from her grade nine teacher, Oriole MacDonald. She hadn’t been in contact with her for at least 70 years. They talked and

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Mother’s Day has passed and I hope all of you moms had a happy one. I think every day should be Mother’s Day, don’t you?

Tom and Karen Ferguson spent a few days recently at Blood Indian. They relaxed and also enjoyed boating and of course, fishing.

Ed and Karin Nakaska were in Edmonton recently to attend the first communion of Moira Hopkins, daughter of Larry and Maurene Hopkins. They then spent Mother’s Day with Lonnie and Cheryl Fraser of Lousana.

Meryle Kester and daughter Donna, along with R

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Over the past two weeks some of our farmers have gotten brave and are starting to fertilize and seed. We wish them well in their endeavours.

Sympathy of the commuity goes out to the family of Olla Trentham, who passed away on Saturday.

Eleven Ghost Pine Ladies and friends had heir coffee hour last Tuesday. As the Atrium is closed, we had it at Prairie’s Dining Room. It will be there again when we meet on May 10. Don’t forget to come!

Ken Huxley and friend Tammy recently hosted a dinner to celebr

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With such beautiful spring-like weather, are we getting in too big a hurry to work in our yards or plant seeds? We often have snow and cold in late April or early June!

I can tell from some of the whist scores that some people have returned from the South. On April 7 those that rose with the sun were Allen Huxley, Sharon Lee, Marlene Luijkx and Mic King. Those who hid in the clouds were Elizabeth Gorman, Frank Richardson, Inaka Bolt and Bonnie Richardson. With great enthusiasm they met again on

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