We certainly can’t complain about the weather over the last few weeks. We shouldn’t complain period, What good does it do?

Hazel Arvidson has really enjoyed herself over the last week. She has been in contact with family and friends. The reason - she celebrated her 97th birthday March 7.

Hal Reed of Taber visited his parents, Watson and Grace Reed last Wednesday. He says they are starting to think about planting potatoes in the south country.

Sympathy of the community goes out to the families of

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This year we spend one more day in February, with it being Leap Year. Then we have the month of the lamb and the lion. What weather predictions do you make? With spring beginning on March 21, I still think we will have the month go out like a lion!

Tom and Karen Ferguson motored to Regina, Sask. on Feb. 17 to spend five days watching their grandson, Rory Van Doren, play hockey in a tournament for the school of Notre Dame, where Rory is a student.

Sympathy of the community goes out to Ed and Kari

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Whether the groundhog saw his shadow or not, the weather has been beautiful. Do you think winter will return in March?

On Feb. 9, the Ghost Pine Ladies and friends had their usual coffee hour at the Atrium. There were 11 in attendance and everyone had a very enjoyable time. Come join us when we meet again at 10:00 am Feb. 23.

Can you imagine, the whist players met on Feb. 4? Those who stood straight and tall with no shadows were: Mic King, Bill Martin, Ken Weisenburger and Pearl Hansen. Those wh

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Listening to the news each day is really not the happiest of occasions, is it? Let's keep a smile on our face and make the best of it!
The Ghost Pine Group and friends met at the Atrium last Tuesday. There were eight in attendance. Everyone enjoyed the talk and laughter. Come join us on the second and fourth Tuesday mornings each month.
Karin Nakaska has just returned home from a trip to Vancouver, BC where she spent ten days with her sister Vicki Conroy.
I hope you were able to see the firework

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