Seniors Outreach April 12, 2012

As our different communities celebrate their centennial, I am reminded daily of the rich heritage and history we share together. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all making our mark on our families and communities.  This mark becomes the legacy we will be remembered for. There are so many ways we can leave our mark. Here are some ideas:
• Caring and compassion: a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, even a hug given in a time of pain, sadness, or difficulty can make all the difference in the world to someone.
• Giving and generosity comes in so many forms from baking - to time - to financial.  We all have different ways we give based on our strengths and abilities but all forms of giving bless others.
• Teaching and sharing our time, our stories, and our abilities with others particularly the younger generations are keys to continuing traditions, crafts, skills, and history.
• Learning and growing: we can learn so much from the past, from the present, and continue to learn into the future as our world changes. We are never too old to learn. There is so much to explore around Kneehill County and the beautiful Badlands that we are blessed to live in but travel can also take us to far off places that can be life changing.
• Photography and the framing of photos is an important way of capturing special memories and recording history.
Celebrating Trochu's centennial last year and Three Hills and Carbon's centennial this year makes me ask the question: What legacy am I leaving behind, what legacy are you leaving in your sphere of influence as we live, work, and touch lives daily. As Seniors Outreach looks forward to Seniors Week on June 4-9, 2012, the theme of building a living legacy has been chosen as our communities all begin celebrating their 100 years of growth.  Much has happened over that time, but we, the citizens of our towns and villages, are all shaping and impacting the future of our communities and our involvement is being uniquely woven into the fabric of our personal and social histories. We all continue to add to that rich heritage and history that surrounds us. Let's make our mark count.