Seniors Outreach July 5, 2012

Do you know a senior who may have trouble preparing healthy meals for him- or herself? Seniors Outreach partners with the Chateau, Linden Nursing Home, and St. Mary's to provide the Meals on Wheels program.  The meals consist of a nutritious entrée, soup or salad, and a dessert.  Community volunteers from businesses, churches, and organizations help deliver the meals. A person or couple may get hot meals every day of the week or only on selected days.  The meals on wheels program is designed to help seniors stay in their homes longer and enables them to have hot meals delivered by caring people. Thus, it provides not only food, but an opportunity for people to check on the status of the senior and provides the senior with contact with other people. It is a great short-term solution following surgery or hospitalization.  The Meals on Wheels program is also a good long-term solution for couples or individuals with limited mobility or other health related issues.
Meal options for seniors in Acme, Carbon, and Torrington are being considered and it is anticipated that these will begin in the Fall of 2012.
If you or someone you know or love could use the Meals on Wheels program, please feel free to contact the Seniors Outreach office at 403-443-2555 for more information. We are always here to serve you.