Seniors Outreach - August 10, 2016

We hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! At Seniors Outreach we are beginning to plan for fall and all the wonderful adventures that come with the changing season! We are a volunteer based program which relies heavily on the amazing assistance we receive in volunteer hours worked. In 2015, our 197 volunteers accrued 12, 887 hours assisting our program, providing service to seniors and their families in Kneehill County.
We recently have had to reduce our service in some areas due to a very tight budget and to not overload our volunteers and risk burnout. One of our busiest volunteer based services is our Caring Car Program. This service connects people in our area with transportation to medical appointments, shopping, visits to friends and relatives and to the surrounding cities. Travel to medical appointments remains the major reason for ride requests. Seniors in rural areas simply do not have the same access to medical services as seniors in city centres and this gap is only increasing as more and more services are being centralized to main centres. We are seeing a high need for seniors in the Trochu area requiring transportation to the medical clinic recently opened in Three Hills.
If you can spare time to become one of our amazing caring car drivers please give our program a call at 403-443-2555. As a volunteer you decide the days you are available, where you are willing to drive to and if you are a snowbird or are gone for periods of time, that’s ok too! We are very willing to work around your availability and schedule.
Another element of our services in need of volunteers is our reception/office assistance program. The Seniors Outreach office could not function without the assistance of many volunteers willing to work the front desk and enter data. In 2015, 1190 hours of volunteer time were spent helping in this area. The front desk recorded 10,166 interactions either by phone or in person in 2015, for an average of 40 contacts per day.
The assistance of our volunteers receptionists allows are staff to have more time to assist clients and complete other administrative duties. This helps us to reduce or operating costs and our volunteer receptionists play a key part of our program. Our goal is to have a volunteer receptionist with us during all operating hours. We are short on this goal at this time and we would love to have a pool of receptionists who could help fill in from time to time. Again, our volunteers let us know the days and times they are available and we understand everyone has other commitments and holidays.
If you are able to volunteer with us in any of our programs or would like more information, please call Laura Lee at 403-443-2555.