Seniors Outreach - October 5, 2016

With Thanksgiving festivities to be celebrated this weekend, it is a perfect time to share with loved ones your stories of receiving help and to thank those who have helped you. Especially as you gather with your senior loved ones, Thanksgiving provides the ideal setting for saying thank you and sharing experiences. To help you express your love and thanks this week, here are a few ideas of what you can do for the seniors in your life:

• Listen to them. Seniors have an abundance of wisdom to share and stories to tell. Take a moment to sit down with them and start a conversation.

• Give them a note or letter. Though written letters are a fading art form, take the time to write a simple thank you note or sincere letter.

• Tell them. Your expression of gratitude doesn’t need to be elaborate in order to be meaningful. Simply telling loved ones that you’re grateful for them is often enough for them to feel loved and appreciated.

• Serve them. If you’re already at your grandparents’ house, look around for ways to help them out. Rake their leaves or wash the dishes, any small act of service will do.

• Take a picture. For many families, getting everyone together is rare and special. Document the moment with a picture and send it to your loved one.

• Call them. Especially if you can’t be with them in person, calling or Skyping family and friends can help them to feel loved even though you’re far away.

• Make them something they like. Whether it’s a pie, a card, or a poem, use your talents to make them something they enjoy.

• Make a video. Making a short video on your phone is a simple way to say thanks. You can record yourself or get the entire family involved with each person taking a few moments to express love and gratitude.

• Give them your undivided attention. It’s rare in our technology-dominated world to see people without a phone in hand. Giving loved ones your uninterrupted attention is a simple way to show them they’re important to you.

Though there is never a wrong time to express gratitude, don’t miss out on your chance to say thank you this Thanksgiving. Take a moment to ponder on what you’re grateful for and to find a small way to share that gratitude with those you love. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!