Seniors Outreach - October 12, 2016

This week we are featuring one of our volunteer profiles, this one was capably put together by our summer student, Mackenzie Andrews!

After entering through the heavy doors of the Provincial Building, you are immediately greeted by a smiling face of one of our wonderful volunteer receptionists. If you happen to stroll over to visit us on a Thursday morning, more often than not you will be welcomed by Helen Lepp.

Helen has been one of our fabulous and dedicated volunteers for over 10 years and still continues to commit her time in various ways to our program. She is notoriously known for her ability to organize and run some of our Seniors Outreach programs. She readily jumps in at any moment and lends a helping hand in and out of the office. Just recently, she had a major role in helping to produce this year’s Seniors Week Joy Fellowship and it was a great success to say the least! Helen also makes sure that the Meals On Wheels program we run out of the office is never unprepared to perform their tasks each week.

On top of being an exceptional receptionist at our office building, she is also a part of the committee who takes care of some of the day to day needs of the Drop In. We appreciate all the coffee creamer runs and other tasks completed by Helen and all other members!

We have said it many times before, but our program could not run without our volunteers. Volunteers like Helen help to make this program a huge success and the envy of other communities!