Seniors Outreach - December 7, 2016

As one joins the ‘Mature’ folks of our great province, perhaps the greatest life lesson that may be learned is to AGE WITH GRACE. Our general activity in life may have been to ignore the aging process and expect our health and well being to continue on as we wake up each morning.
Perhaps we need to recognize that we can’t slow the process of aging down but we have a choice to keep healthy and stay active both mentally and physically. Within that choice is the acuity to walk our mature lives with grace. According to Webster – Grace engenders the ideals of ‘good will’ and ‘favor.’ These attributes enable the one who is making good choices to promote the best in others and within themselves.
Aging with Grace includes:
• Staying Physically Active – this will provide you with greater independence, strengthen your physical and mental health, increase your energy and self-esteem, promote relaxation (possibly more sleep – anyone!), and reduce stress. Don’t make it onerous just do things like walking more, gardening, play with your grandchildren, fishing, stretching, etc. Just be sure that what you find to do, you have consulted your physician or health professional before beginning new activities. Sorry, that includes climbing the hills or running marathons. As an aside, this also promotes health and well being in those we may be physically active with and/or choose to encourage to join us.
• Maintaining Proper Nutrition – As we get along in years, for some reason nutritional deficiencies and imbalances become more common. We eat less but need more nutrients. Go Figure! Researching and getting advice from health professionals (nutritionist or dietitian) for meal planning and budgeting for food are great ideas. We often talk to those we interact with about the great food we’ve had at a restaurant, why not the great food we have through our meal planning and the cost effectiveness of our purchases.
• Exercise Your Mind – And you thought that when your Dad or Mom did those crossword puzzles, read more than they had before and took up painting with watercolors that they were losing their minds. Wrong! They were doing the right thing. Your turn! Doing all of those things or finding out about the Internet, learning to use emails to stay in touch with friends and family, learning French or Spanish or Mandarin, and taking up a new skill area are great choices for your well-being and can help maintain mental acuity. Why not do these with others who could use the same challenges that you do to keep mentally fit!
• Stay Connected To Community and Support Systems – Keeping up with existing relationships and developing new ones opens the door to greater ways to combat isolation and allows us to make choices within volunteer situations and maintain and develop even closer connections with family and friends. These choices will ultimately affect our quality of life. Stay involved with your community. It is an important component of who you are. This choice will curry favor with those around you and will promote good will within our relationships and ultimately our community. It doesn’t matter your age, you are an important member of your community.
What all of these (as well as a variety of other directions) do is enable us to continue to be challenged and to challenge others in positive ways. Ultimately, our choices are our own, but as much as lies within you – the hope is that you will AGE WITH GRACE as you make these choices for the benefit of others and of yourself.
Our help at Seniors Outreach (403-443-2555) is there for you to provide opportunities for helping others and being of assistance to you in this process.
(Source material: p. 7, Mindful Aging, Alberta Health Services).