Seniors Outreach - May 10, 2017

We are very pleased to have our amazing Canada Summer Job Student from last summer, Mackenzie Andrews, join us again at Seniors Outreach this year! Mackenzie has recently completed her second year of nursing at Red Deer College, or to quote Mackenzie, “I’m half a nurse!”. Our volunteers, staff and clients were so impressed by Mackenzie’s work ethic, caring demeanor and the enthusiasm she brought to our program last summer, we are so lucky to have her back with us again! We have many events ahead in the next two months, with Seniors Week our focus June 5-11. Watch for our calendar in the Capital in the coming weeks, stop by our office at the Provincial building or call 403-443-2555 for more information!

Tonight, we will be involved in the event that Tim Shearlaw and many other volunteers have worked so hard to put together, “One Enchanted Evening.” When Tim first came to me with the idea for this event, he emphasized that he was hosting this event, not as the Mayor of Three Hills, but as a citizen who believes in the Seniors Outreach Program and his passion for helping to keep it alive and sustainable is clearly evident. We are so blessed as a Regional Community to be surrounded by so many caring, dedicated and amazing folks that can rally the troops for a cause so near and dear to the hearts of many in our local communities.

I know there is an Oilers game on tonight but since the Flames are out of the playoffs, no one is watching hockey in Alberta…right? Please, no letters to the editor for that comment! If you are able to make it, give Tim a call at 403-443-0799, its going to be loads of fun, good food and awesome auction items! Hope to see you tonight!