Seniors Outreach - July 12, 2017

It is officially summer! The sun is shining and bringing the heat! We hope that you are enjoying the outdoors with family and friends and participating in the many activities that summer has to offer. Whether you are working in your garden, having a backyard BBQ or laying poolside, too much time in the sun can lead to problems like sunburn and dehydration. Please stay hydrated and protect yourself by wearing appropriate clothing and applying sunscreen!

You may be able to escape the heat by sitting in front of a fan but one thing you can’t avoid is the process of aging. This week the Seniors Outreach would like to share with you some of the positives of aging! (And yes we said positives!) People often talk about aging in a negative context. Although there are downsides to getting older, we often forget to think about the perks.

For example, as you age you no longer have to keep up with the rapid changes in technology! You can choose whether or not you wish to learn how to get books on an iPad or continue to enjoy a paperback novel. Using the internet may be of interest to you or it may seem more like a hassle. The overall concept is that no one is requiring you to learn the latest and greatest gadgets. You get to enjoy them if you choose.

As you age you also learn to enjoy what matters most in life. This is a result of your many years of experience and from trying different things. No matter what you decide is a priority, you are free to focus your time on what you deem worthy.

Before writing this article I did a bit of research on what seniors consider to be the perks of aging. A common theme throughout the articles was that when you get older you may no longer care as much about what other people’s opinions are. People talk of this as being a very freeing experience. This also ties in to the concept of enjoying what matters most to you in life!

These are not the only bonuses involved in the aging process and Seniors Outreach encourages you to look for the positives every day. The staff and volunteers at our office can assist you in ensuring that yours is a positive experience. Keep checking The Capital for weekly updates on what’s happening at the Seniors Outreach.