Seniors Outreach - July 19, 2017

Most Seniors want to stay active and engaged in their life and the pursuits that they enjoy. What is of concern to them is how they relate to their community. It becomes too easy to be relegated or to set oneself aside once we hit that magic ‘retirement’ age. We are there, so we often tell ourselves to just grin and bear it. What still is of concern to us, however, is that we cannot let go of the thought that we are still an important part of our community.

One of the key ingredients of living in a small hamlet, village or town in rural Alberta is this amazing sense of community. At Seniors Outreach, we continually see the way that community steps up and supports organizations and events. Perhaps most importantly is how this community sense bears fruit through Volunteerism. It never ceases to amaze me how involved our volunteers are and how much they recognize the importance of being involved and committed to others and their areas of concern: driving, phoning, making coffee, baking, being receptionists, decorating, visiting, playing games, delivering meals, encouraging others, staffing activities, learning new skills, attending and inviting others to social events, being integral social greeters/friends wherever they are in the community, being board members, municipal councilors/mayors/reeves, being athletes, running businesses, and so on. It doesn’t stop.

Is this all? No, not by any stretch of the imagination. Seniors are integral to community and as with anyone – no matter their age - need to be recognized for all of the major, intermediate and small things that they do to help a community through their wisdom, skills, abilities, socializing, intergenerational awareness, and mentorship.

Getting on in years is daunting enough, however, it is never an excuse for not continuing to be involved in any number of relational and skilled actions.

This could be written about anyone in a community. It becomes important to continue to find positive actions to take with whomever you encounter and to be involved in what you can handle as you go forward in life.

Thank you to the Seniors Outreach Volunteers that make Kneehill County a great place to live.