Seniors Outreach - August 2, 2017

Did you know…that as a senior in the region of Kneehill County, the non-profit, charitable society, Seniors Outreach, could play a real part in improving your life and situation? Here are some suggestions for the use of their services.

• Have someone (a Caring Visitor) come and visit you; in this way, providing companionship or a buddy for your favorite activity-- whether it’s shopping, playing games, reading together, or even going for walks.

• Have a Handyman/Handywoman come and fix your small appliance, or do another small repair or renew job—almost always without any labor cost added to the cost of the item.

• Have Meals on Wheels delivered to your home at noon, on the weekday(s) you choose.

• Access the personal response system from Philips Lifeline, which is demonstrated and installed through Seniors Outreach.

• Get informed by attending an Information Meeting, usually held monthly—in various communities--except in the summer months. The topics will likely interest, and give good-quality advice to, most seniors. Seminars of interest to seniors and their families are also held throughout the year.

• Take a Bus ride for shopping downtown Three Hills, or for an outing to Red Deer, or on a specialty excursion on the Seniors Outreach Bus. The cost of riding is minimal.

• Use a Caring Car to get to a doctor’s appointment in the city, or just to visit your local bank or post office. This is arranged ahead of time, so that you pay for the gas only, with the amount set by Seniors Outreach.

• Call for a free appointment with Seniors Outreach Staff in regards to your federal or provincial benefit programs. Or if you need help working through the paperwork with the loss of a loved one, we would love to help you.

• Join a Support Group as made available through Seniors Outreach.

• Make a place in your schedule for some “serious socializing” by dropping by your local senior centre or Drop In Centre. This is a place to make new friends, play some games, and have a good cup of coffee!

Except for an appointment with a Staff member, all of these services are carried out by volunteers with Seniors Outreach. So, if you are looking for something to do, why not become a Seniors Outreach Volunteer, yourself?? Drop by our office, located in the Provincial Building at 128 - 3rd Avenue SE, Three Hills. We’ll be glad you did!