Seniors Outreach - August 16, 2017

As you may have seen on the news, the weather this summer has provided conditions that create and spread fires in many areas. At the Seniors Outreach, these reports have sparked a conversation about senior’s and fire safety. Here are some helpful fire safety tips we would like to share.

Research has shown that if a fire breaks out in a building, senior citizens are twice as likely to perish in a fire as compared to the average young adult. The first step towards preventing this from happening to you is to plan ahead. It is a good idea to have more than one exit route in case a fire blocks your path. Once you are outside, it is important to know the number of the emergency services such as 9-1-1.

You should definitely have your home equipped with the proper fire detecting devices such as smoke alarms and Carbon Dioxide detectors. These alarms should be tested monthly and the batteries changed yearly or as needed. Although they produce a terrible screeching noise, that sound could save your life. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, you can install smoke detectors with strobe (flashing) lights.

Consider signing up for a Lifeline Personal Response Service. Although many people think of using that kind of service only to help them in the case of a fall, it has many more benefits. If you have any kind of emergency, with the click of a button you can be in contact with an operator who can help you in calling emergency services and even stay on the line until help arrives. At Senior’s Outreach, we can help put you in touch with a caring local Lifeline associate.

Fires need oxygen to burn. You don’t want to help them by offering them your own portable oxygen tank. If handled properly, these tanks are generally safe but you can further reduce the chance of your personal oxygen starting a fire by making sure it is never left open and unattended. When storing your containers keep them at least 5 feet from a heat source.

While our thoughts are with those who are currently being impacted by the current fires, let’s not neglect to practice fire safety in our own homes. If you want to discuss any of the tips we have shared in this article, please feel free to call our office.

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