Seniors Outreach - April 4, 2018

While attending the Global Leadership Summit in Three Hills this last October, one was struck with the amazing expertise of the presenters in this whole area called leadership. While we are all leaders, followers and/or facilitators in our lifetime, it is important to note that we shift amongst these roles constantly. Each role, enables us in our leadership style.

One begins as a follower (the child) with some constant declarations of wanting to lead – whether we know how to or not. Our fussing is often met by those who direct us (the parents) and by a continuum of facilitators/leaders that seek to influence us: peers/friends, teachers, grandparents, aunts & uncles, fellow workers, work related managers, etc.

The greatest lesson, for me, at the Summit was that whatever role I fill, it should seek to promote success in those around me. If I need to lead, my leadership must attempt to bring about clarity and completion. It helps to ask:

• What tasks need to be completed?

• What skills are needed to complete the task(s)?

• Who has those skills?

• What is the best way to bring the skilled people together to complete the task(s)?

• How do we encourage each other throughout the completion process?

• How does one evaluate a successful completion?

• How do we celebrate the successful completion?

Basic psychology told me that we can only handle about seven items, so that is enough questions.

Leading for success is key, no matter what season of life we are in. What seems important is the way to find a positive direction for dealing with projects, whether we are formally or informally leading a group or organization.

So, seniors, you are not out of the loop. Because we retire does not mean that we no longer get involved. And if we get involved, let us work at:

Understanding our skills (how much we still can contribute)

• Understanding others around us

• Having a gracious attitude about each other’s medical/mental health

• Having an understanding of what each can accomplish

• Checking our attitudes for success

• Finding complimentary ways and expressions while moving forward with our activities/projects

• Being clear about what we can and cannot physically do in a situation

• Leadership is sometimes direction, sometimes facilitation, sometimes allowances and most times seeking positive success.

• At Seniors Outreach we try to promote a positive and successful way to empower seniors and their families in Kneehill County through Volunteerism, Services, and Advocacy. Leadership of and as part of such a successful organization is a humbling experience. Our many volunteers consistently provide us with an encouraging source of successful activities. We could not do it without them.