Seniors Outreach - July 18, 2018

Displays often provide a unique insight into our background and history. At Seniors Outreach, over the past few months our new display artist has attempted to develop some interesting connections for us. We have tried to collect art and craft work from members of the area to brighten up our main office as well as to showcase the talents of the creative people around us. If you have visited the office lately, you will have enjoyed the happy little Birdhouse Village perching on the shelves behind the front desk.

This display provides the creations of Laura Lee Sawdon, who grew up in Three Hills. Her father, Austin Sawdon, operated Sawdon’s Drug Store, which was located where the IDA Store is today. Laura Lee describes her hobby, resulting from childhood memories, as follows:

Sweet sounds of robins, songbirds and meadowlarks were a beautiful part of my childhood in Three Hills. Our home was surrounded by different species of trees that provided safe havens for these birds and their young. Those melodious songs of nature left an indelible imprint on my memory. After a busy career in Education, I knew I wanted to find an entertaining hobby, yet allowing me to give back to the community. Painting birdhouses has become my passion; it is relaxing and productive. I give my birdhouses away, hoping they will bring joy into someone’s life. If folks want to purchase them, I suggest a donation to the Children’s Hospital.

What a wonderful gift and interesting way to promote memories for our local communities and for Kneehill County as a whole! By paying attention to the details, crafts and presentations in such displays, we all become more connected to our past and gain interesting perspectives for our future.

Future showcases depend on the artists and craftspeople in the area who are willing to share their talents to create an interesting focal point at the Seniors Outreach Office. If you or someone you know would be interested in having their ‘memories’ or works shown, please leave information with the reception desk at the Seniors Outreach Main Office for S. Hamilton, Displays, 403-443-2555.

Next time that you are in the office, enjoy the presentation!