Seniors Outreach - August 1, 2018

Elders struggling for a better way, those who live where we live.

Standing up for what they need, what have we to give?

With youth and energy or with age and lore;

We can care and share as a key that opens many a door.- [T. Schlinker]

In reading through a blogged article lately, Redefine What Volunteer Means To You by Michelle Hassler, I was struck by the idea of a redefinition of “Volunteer” in terms of our own personal definition. In general, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary “a volunteer is “a person who expresses a willingness to undertake a service.”

Hassler goes on to state that:

Being a volunteer means that you are offering something – something that is not required (of you) nor an obligation. You are freely giving something. No one made you do it!

You do not volunteer for the pursuit of a monetary prize or recognition. Perhaps most telling is that you are not looking for money nor have a desperate need of being recognized for everthing that you do.

You understand that you are helping. In simplest terms, whenever you do something for someone else in this manner stated above, it enables others to gain the support that they need.

You see that your time is worth it. The time that you spend doing your own voluntary work is valued by those you do it for and those who enable you to do it.

You understand that you are helping. You have a clear understanding that what you do in voluntary actions helps others out. You are not just putting in time.

You believe that you are capable of inciting change and making progress. Most appropriate is the sense that in all that you do voluntarily it is making a difference in others lives, in your community and in relationship building.

You are capable of doing good (in some way – large or small). Doing good or promoting an act of kindness is something that we are all ‘capable’ and ‘able’ to do. We must individually make up our minds to do it! The good that we do, is both for others and for ourselves.

Hassler continues to promote the individual choice to volunteer as she states that

Most of the time, to volunteer means you are working side by side with Others. This connects you to other human beings as you are working toward a common are making connections. You are connected with the problem as well as the solution. You are connected to a process – a process in which you believe.[Source:]

Please think about:

Using some time to volunteer for an organization within your own community and within Kneehill County.

What you would like to do – create your own definition for being a volunteer.

Being involved with an organization or activity that is meaningful to you.

If, because of your skills, background and abilities, you have a concern for seniors, and you see yourself possibly being a bus driver, a service driver for caring cars, a caring visitor or contact for seniors, a handyman/handywoman, receptionist, hostess/host, data entry personnel, facilitator for exercise programs or support programs, etc. please contact Seniors Outreach @ 403-443-2555 (Toll free 1-888-443-2555) and connect with us to provide your volunteerism in Kneehill County.