This past week, the Seniors Outreach staff had the opportunity to attend the Grey Matters Conference in Calgary. During the sessions that each attended and the plenary sessions for everyone, our understanding of a wide variety of issues and activities that are going on around the province of Alberta and with seniors in general were explored and presented to us.

One of the most thought provoking, for me, was perhaps the simplest in its presentation and practicality. The session, “Running on

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In our main office at Seniors Outreach, we enable and promote a variety of displays of crafts, art, etc. in order to provide for greater interest in our seniors and community members who visit us daily. We have said goodbye to the unique birdhouses from Laura Lee Sawdon and for the next while have a new display on tap.

Thanks to Heather Hansen of Three Hills, our reception area provides a small display of Zentangle and Zentangle Inspired Art drawings (ZIA).

The Zentangle method of drawing was in

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Continuing to provide reminders about what would be helpful for those who are Seniors to pay attention to, last week I discussed the Personal Directive. As we continue living, the follow up to your social/accommodation/health concerns under a Personal Directive is the area of Finances. Financial concerns are under the purview of a Power of Attorney (POA).

Why You Do You Need An Enduring Power of Attorney?

An Enduring Power of Attorney allows you to prepare for a time when you may become ill or s

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In this day and age, Seniors and those who are close to becoming Seniors are strongly encouraged to maintain their identity supporting documents and numerical identifiers and to be able to provide these as needed:

a. to move more freely around the province, the country and the world in general;

b. to apply for pensions, supplements and supports; and

c. to enable greater contact with government departments.

Photo Identity supporting documents are those which enable border security, airlines, busi

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