Continuing to provide reminders about what would be helpful for those who are Seniors to pay attention to, last week I discussed the Personal Directive. As we continue living, the follow up to your social/accommodation/health concerns under a Personal Directive is the area of Finances. Financial concerns are under the purview of a Power of Attorney (POA).

Why You Do You Need An Enduring Power of Attorney?

An Enduring Power of Attorney allows you to prepare for a time when you may become ill or s

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In this day and age, Seniors and those who are close to becoming Seniors are strongly encouraged to maintain their identity supporting documents and numerical identifiers and to be able to provide these as needed:

a. to move more freely around the province, the country and the world in general;

b. to apply for pensions, supplements and supports; and

c. to enable greater contact with government departments.

Photo Identity supporting documents are those which enable border security, airlines, busi

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We are almost at the starting point for our school year, our refocusing time of the year and the time of year that creates an orderly approach for our Fall season – September.
September is also national Self Improvement month. If you think about it, this makes sense. Our summer vacation time is almost over and the families begin to refocus on their jobs, their schooling, their activities, and the more ordered approaches to life.
So, where does this time of year leave Seniors? As our family r

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Elders struggling for a better way, those who live where we live.

Standing up for what they need, what have we to give?

With youth and energy or with age and lore;

We can care and share as a key that opens many a door.- [T. Schlinker]

In reading through a blogged article lately, Redefine What Volunteer Means To You by Michelle Hassler, I was struck by the idea of a redefinition of “Volunteer” in terms of our own personal definition. In general, according to the Merriam Webster dictio

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