Elders struggling for a better way, those who live where we live.

Standing up for what they need, what have we to give?

With youth and energy or with age and lore;

We can care and share as a key that opens many a door.- [T. Schlinker]

In reading through a blogged article lately, Redefine What Volunteer Means To You by Michelle Hassler, I was struck by the idea of a redefinition of “Volunteer” in terms of our own personal definition. In general, according to the Merriam Webster dictio

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Displays often provide a unique insight into our background and history. At Seniors Outreach, over the past few months our new display artist has attempted to develop some interesting connections for us. We have tried to collect art and craft work from members of the area to brighten up our main office as well as to showcase the talents of the creative people around us. If you have visited the office lately, you will have enjoyed the happy little Birdhouse Village perching on the shelves behind

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In perusing an article in the Good Times magazine (June 2018 edition) lately, I came across an interesting article. “Retirement Planning for two: The key is open and honest communication” by Wendy Haaf. The basic idea of this article on retirement planning is probably best presented as many of us may spend more time planning a vacation together than we do weighing what we’re going to do (in retirement)-as a couple and individually. While muddling through may sometimes work, it

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To keep seniors updated for Seniors Week and to keep all of our brain functions in gear – here are some teasers. Feel free to bring the answers to our annual meeting and luncheon at the CommUnity Drop-In Centre in Three Hills, on Tuesday, June 5, 2018.

What event during Seniors Week includes the following:

1. Learning about a new product and a business that is unique to all seniors? (Two choices: a. and b.)

2. Challenging one another in a game?

3. Where does one get a free ticket for a Sen

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