How important is a Seniors Center to the local community? This question has come up a few times during the last few years. So, one does a bit of research and observation to try find some understanding about this question.

A Seniors’ Centre is often identified as providing the following:

A community focal point and useful space for organizational, club, family and get-togethers. In Kneehill County, these organizations are identified and viewed as a centre which provides for recognition of t

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We’ve all heard the advertising slogan, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” It may presently be something that we begin to think is funny and a cliché. However, when it happens to us as we begin to have more and more issues with mobility – it becomes a very profound and unsettling reality.

Perhaps, most unnerving is the reality that at that moment, we have lost the ability to bounce back as we did when we were young. Someone mentioned to me the other day,

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Sometimes adult children of seniors ask us how best to deal with a ‘stubborn parent’—one who refuses to see the reality of their situation, whether declining health, or loss of cognitive or other abilities. We’d like to pass along an article from an affiliate of the “A Place for Mom” organization—Assisted Senior Living.

Why seniors are stubborn

• Feeling they are losing their independence

• Fear of losing control of their lives

• Feeling d

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I am in need of some hearing aids. My doctor says so, my wife says so, and so do my kids. My friends, well, maybe them to. What do I do to get some help? Financially that is. Welcome to the world of Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL). This wonderful program has been set up to assist Albertans with a long term disability, chronic illness or terminal illness in maintaining independence in their community through the provision of basic medical equipment and supplies to meet their clinically assess

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