November is Family Violence Prevention Month in Alberta and our Seniors Outreach Elder Abuse Grant Project is focusing on the sensitive topic of Elder Abuse. I was fortunate enough this past week to attend the “It’s Not Right”, Neighbours, Friends and Families for Older Adults training in Cochrane. I am now trained to facilitate presentations for this valuable program and will be offering sessions to service providers in 2018.

Elder abuse can take several forms, often with more

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A season of excitement, happiness, busyness, joyfulness and an end of the year celebration. Christmas is coming!

This celebration is indicative of goodwill to all men and women, boys and girls, all humanity. As such we often develop a view that most assuredly everyone that is over the age of vast majority (65+) has some family and someone who will buy them presents and keep them for the holidays.

What is often not so clear is that for various reasons, some older folks do not have family and/or f

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Jeopardy Time:

Answer: By 2020 we (the organization dealing with _____) will:

Remove 10,000,000 kg of sugar from Canadian diets;

Achieve 1,000,000 more recommended test targets;

Prevent 500,000 cases of ___________ and ____________.


Why remove the sugar from our diets?

Sugar is linked to weight gain and this increases the risk factors for _____________.

Over consumption itself increases the risk of developing _________ regardless of the weight gain.

Why do we need to achieve so many

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How important is a Seniors Center to the local community? This question has come up a few times during the last few years. So, one does a bit of research and observation to try find some understanding about this question.

A Seniors’ Centre is often identified as providing the following:

A community focal point and useful space for organizational, club, family and get-togethers. In Kneehill County, these organizations are identified and viewed as a centre which provides for recognition of t

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