With Thanksgiving festivities to be celebrated this weekend, it is a perfect time to share with loved ones your stories of receiving help and to thank those who have helped you. Especially as you gather with your senior loved ones, Thanksgiving provides the ideal setting for saying thank you and sharing experiences. To help you express your love and thanks this week, here are a few ideas of what you can do for the seniors in your life:

• Listen to them. Seniors have an abundance of wisdom t

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In honor of World Alzheimer’s Day on September 21st, we’d like to share some actions that you can take, whether you are a caregiver, a friend of a caregiver or an older adult who has a history of the disease. The fight to end Alzheimer’s is critically important, and everyone can play a role.

Early-stage Alzheimer’s


Get Educated and Engaged - Caregivers whose loved one is entering the early stages of Alzheimer’s need to learn as much as they can about the d

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It appears fall is certainly on our doorstep in terms of weather and here at Seniors Outreach! Fall usually means back to normal for our program with monthly information meetings, potlucks and more events on the schedule! Our Outreach Workers are back in the community offices of Carbon, Acme, Linden, Trochu and Torrington and ready to help seniors in those and surrounding areas. Please call our office at 403-443-2555 for Terry and Elizabeth’s schedules as dates and times do fluctuate.

In o

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Fall is really upon us with the trees losing their leaves, the amazing fall colours all around and the sound of swathers and combines in the fields. September also means back to school and for me, sending my “baby” off to college. Where does the time go?

With the changing of the seasons we may also experience SAD, which is know as seasonal affective disorder. For many sufferers, a change in the season and the transition to fall and winter seasons can make this time of year very unple

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