We have joked here at Seniors Outreach that if we had a dollar for every time we are asked when/where are we moving, we would have enough money to fund our program for years! We understand and appreciate the inquiries, our program has been operating for 21 years and our seniors and community members are invested and engaged in our program, for that we are very thankful!

I can now report, that the Three Hills Provincial Building has been identified by the Government of Alberta as “surplus&r

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The “blues” or “depression” - which is it?

If it’s the blues, well, we all have down days or are engaged by a problem for a time. Maybe we write a song about it using a 12 bar chord progression (being a guitar player - this makes most sense). That’s why blues music is around. It sounds like the situation is too difficult to solve, but usually “this too shall pass!” The song may stay around but the situation and feelings go away.

Depression on the o

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This week we are featuring one of our volunteer profiles, this one was capably put together by our summer student, Mackenzie Andrews!

After entering through the heavy doors of the Provincial Building, you are immediately greeted by a smiling face of one of our wonderful volunteer receptionists. If you happen to stroll over to visit us on a Thursday morning, more often than not you will be welcomed by Helen Lepp.

Helen has been one of our fabulous and dedicated volunteers for over 10 years and st

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With Thanksgiving festivities to be celebrated this weekend, it is a perfect time to share with loved ones your stories of receiving help and to thank those who have helped you. Especially as you gather with your senior loved ones, Thanksgiving provides the ideal setting for saying thank you and sharing experiences. To help you express your love and thanks this week, here are a few ideas of what you can do for the seniors in your life:

• Listen to them. Seniors have an abundance of wisdom t

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