”Horrific”: Too much of it

Dear Editor,

Unable to sleep Sunday night, Monday morning sitting in my chair looking at a dark Anderson Park I picked up my iPad and started reading current events. I can download the current days Calgary Herald and National Post at 2:30 am, but while waiting for that I read an article on the times PM Trudeau has used tragedies for political gain. I will only list two out of the many. The Nova Scotia mass shooting where he used Commissioner Lucki to promote his gun ban, using her power to influence and hamper the investigation, probably giving the killer more time. This is all coming out in the ongoing inquiry.

The Supreme Court ruling on Roe versus Wade in the USA. PM Trudeau knows that it has no effect on Canadian law but it serves as a convenient distraction from the Nova Scotia inquiry. He called the Court decision “Horrific” while in Rwanda giving away Millions to lower their food costs. “Horrific” better describes the abortion climate in Canada where there is no restrictions, you are free to kill the baby at any point, even for the reason of it being a girl. That’s “Horrific” PM.

Gord Snell

Three Hills, Ab