Leading the UCP to ruin

Dear Editor,

In 1986 the ruling Social Credit Party of BC was taken over by a controversial leader called Bill VanderZalm who was elected as premier. His views were so radical, it split the party, who not only lost the next election, but the party soon ceased to exist.

In 2016, Donald Trump was elected president. He also is controversial with extreme views. The Republican Party has never been so divided as they are today.

It’s now 2022 in Alberta and another controversial politician is in the running.

Danielle Smith also has extreme views and has began to split the UCP. A letter writer last week claimed “She’s dealing hope like a drug and Albertans are high on it.” I disagree. I believe her radical views are leading the UCP to ruin, much like the Social Credit of BC in 1986.

David Parrish

Trochu, AB