Our Communities and Our Province are Worth the Battle

Dear Editor,

It’s been a whirlwind of politics lately, I’m not sure if it’s done yet! Our area has now hosted four candidates for Alberta’s next premier. It’s very likely that the next premier has been in our town now and hopefully as a result, our needs and concerns will be on their mind as they step into leadership. As a host for these gatherings it’s been interesting getting to meet the various candidates and also glean from the questions that folks are bringing forward. We have many in this town with a solid understanding of politics and we have been well represented with good questions. Common themes have been health care, rural crime and dealing with Ottawa. It’s interesting to note that many of the candidates have similar ideas and solutions in mind. Although it looks like there’s a great deal of difference between them there’s more that connects them than divides. This is a good thing! As it gives us hope that the party can be reunited and work together towards common goals. Regardless of who wins, there’s several strong candidates that will do a good job I believe. I overheard one candidate at an event lean over to another and say “I’m sure looking forward to this being done and we can all get along again!”. It was said with a friendly smile and I don’t think they’d mind that being shared.

As this leadership race winds down I think the most important thing we can walk away with is to remember we have more that connects us than divides us also. Life will move on in our town regardless of who our leader is. Although these issues feel huge right now, the most important work is still the day to day work. Building families, communities and connecting with those we care about. Our government is useless without everyday citizens like many of us are. Volunteering and connecting with those around us is far more powerful than we give it credit. Yes, these politicians are playing with big numbers and big issues. But building a strong and healthy community makes us the real power in Alberta. We do need to make our voices heard, loud and clear for the government and I believe the best way to create the change that’s needed is to be part of the change at every level. I’m not sure what that will mean for me personally but I’ve been lucky to meet many in our area who have been committed for years and their work has paid off. Let’s join the battle however we can, whether that’s to encourage more or to engage more and ask better questions. Our communities and our province is worth the battle.

Sara-Lyn Quist

Three Hills, AB