Thanks for the memories

To the Editor;
While visiting Trochu for my Mom's 98th birthday, I was saddened to watch the demolition of the old "Roach's" grocery store. Listening to the crash of cement and bricks brought back memories of having worked in the store from 1959-61.
Irene Mottern was at the cash register, Ron Roden packed the boxes to the car. Orders were phoned in and then Gehring Transport, with Al and Everett, would deliver groceries. Bertha and Leroy ran the meat department. Mr. Senior, Eugene Roach, was always busy stacking shelves and telling stories. Bill and Leroy were a pleasure to work for as they were considerate and helpful. The store was closed on Wednesday. Saturday was a long day as the store was open from 9 am to 10 pm. At about ten minutes to 10, I would start pushing the broom down the aisle to encourage customers to stop their friendly chatting and get on with shopping so we could close!
I am sure others may have interesting memories of working in that grocery store that served the community for so many years.
Evelyn (Greig) Zaklan