Good to be home

To the Editor;
A few months ago, I noticed a poster asking for submissions regarding 'my town'. I missed that initial invitation but have been unable to get the topic out of my head. See, this is my town.
My husband and I met in Three Hills as students more than a decade ago. We studied, married, studied, found jobs, studied even more, began a family, and then... life changed and we moved west, honestly hoping never to live here again. Yet, somehow between babies, travel, business, homes, more schooling, and too many big decisions, we recently found ourselves back in 'this town'.
We returned to Three Hills without a set plan. My husband was searching for employment within his field while I attempted to create a type of home-base for the kids and myself. Unemployed, pregnant, and processing the events of the previous three years 'adventuring', we were unsure what to expect and hesitant to set down roots. I was dissatisfied with the home I found myself in, overwhelmed at the prospect of parenting alone while J' broadened his job search to the north, and unsure as to how to develop genuine relationships with the lives around me. Overall, I was displeased to find myself here, again.
But then....
We returned to our little church on 6th and we were welcomed with warmth and grace. And my neighbor began a conversation over the fence. And that IGA clerk caught my eye and smiled when she asked about my day. And that beautiful life at the Tea House took time for my rough-around-the-edges son. Soon I remembered the beauty of these particular sunsets and those senior citizens and that little ship. Before long I ventured a few "hellos" at the splash park. Eventually, I stepped into a mom's group, stopped at the community center, enrolled the eldest in preschool, joined the evening exercise class, and began lifting my eyes as I walked about town.
Somewhere between the summer evenings and before garden harvest, sometime after the apple trees with the "help yourself!" signs and in the midst of discovering that other playground, somehow while walking along that path by train tracks or perhaps during that particular conversation: this town became my town.
We've gone there and back again. We've tried it and paid for it and loved it and struggled through it, and it was fine and great and tough.
But now? It's just good to be home, here, in my town.
Deanna Daniels