Trochu Valley School - Renovations F.A.Q.

To the Editor;
What is happening with Trochu Valley School (Tro Val)?
A major modernization project was approved for Tro Val School. The project includes demolition and new construction as well as renovations to some of the existing school.
Tro Val is old and not in very good condition. Why isn't a new school being built?
A Value Management session was held in March 2011 to determine the best course of action for Tro Val. Representatives from the town, the community, parent council, school staff and students, Golden Hills Board and administration, Alberta Infrastructure and Alberta Education discussed many options including total school replacement, partial replacement and modernization and modernization only. The consensus of the group was to do a combination renovation, demolition and new construction. This was presented in the Board's capital plan and approved by Alberta Education.
How long will this renovation project take?
Renovations should start in early fall 2012 and the school will be ready for the fall of the 2014.
Will the children be affected by the renovation work?
To facilitate the construction process and to lessen the exposure of students and staff to construction work, Tro Val will be turned over to the construction company until completion in 2014. All students and staff will be relocated to temporary school facilities in Trochu.
Where will the children attend school for the two years of renovations?
The Trochu Outreach School will be moved to a downtown "storefront" location so that renovations will occur. 3 portable classrooms will be brought in and placed adjacent to the Trochu Outreach building. This will become the Tro Val K-6 campus. There will be 8 teaching spaces in this campus.
Renovations to the curling rink will occur this spring and 2 portables will be brought in to make the Tro Val 7-12 campus. There will be 11 teaching spaces in this campus. Wood working will be taught in an area at the Trochu maintenance carpentry shop.
**Please note that every program being offered in Tro Val and this year will be offered during the next 2 years.
Where will the buses drop off the students?
The K-6 campus will have a bus drop off area directly east of the main building inside the bus/maintenance shop yard. The buses will pull into the yard and make a counter clockwise trip around the shop ending up directly behind the school.
The bus drop off at the Curling Rink will occur in the parking lot in front of the arenas.
Debbie Barkman,
Trochu Valley School