Let us not be swayed by scare tactics

To the Editor
Re: “The issue of euthanasia/assisted suicide” - Feb. 15, 2017.
On July 16, 2016, I responded to comments made on this very same subject.
The writer claims that the Supreme Court of Canada made a dangerous decision supporting Bill C-14. She that allowing euthanasia will devalue life and lead to a culture of death. Hmmm?
Where are the facts to substantiate such assertions? Have the societies in BC, Oregon, Switzerland, and Holland all vanished because of doctor assisted deaths? Have they become dangerous places? Are people being rounded up and euthanasia against their will? Are doctors being forced to perform such procedures?
I do understand that certain institutions and certain individuals are opposed to doctor assisted deaths, and these same organizations and individuals may also be opposed to abortions, condoms, and birth control pills.
However, the bottom line is this: the writer does not have the right to impose her beliefs on others. If she doesn’t want to have doctor assisted suicides, then don’t. If she doesn’t want to have an abortion, don’t. If she doesn’t want to use the Pill, don’t.
According to a previous letter, “Society has the responsibility to override individual moral standards (moral, religious, and political rights) for the overall good of society” because Christian values trump all other values and standards.
Remember the predictions about the legalization of the Pill? The use of the Pill would end the institution of marriage. Women would become promiscuous. There would be more abortions. Consequently, our civilization would cease to exist.
Let us not be swayed by scare tactics or by unsubstantiated views. “Someone is always happy to think for you”.

George E. Thatcher