We are among the most fortunate

Dear Editor;
Last weekend I attended/participated in three events in our regional community; unrelated and yet, each, highlighting the true meaning of community and the ability to offer hope right here among us.
World Day of Prayer has been celebrated in Canada since 1922; committed to human rights and Ecumenism around the world and at home, raising and sharing funds. I was grateful to attend this service and story-sharing at St. Mary’s Lodge on Friday; this year thoughtfully and beautifully prepared by our own Philippine community. I was made ever more aware of how far we have come globally, for women’s rights and yet how far we still must go for social justice. The strength of the intra-faith community that exists in Trochu, once again moved me, as I witnessed in this event, the cooperation and joint participation by each of our mainstream places of worship.
Another positive organization to which I would like to send kudos is Kneehill KidSport. One of their fundraising success stories is their MeatSpiel, having just completed its 8th annual event in Carbon, and getting stronger all the time! Begun in 2010 with a mere 6 or 8 rinks, it has doubled to 16 entries, including more children each year, who have come to learn and enjoy the sport of curling, while raising funds for a great cause…their less fortunate peers. KidSport is a nationally, provincially and locally supported charity, who has helped over 500,000 kids through confidential applications in 11 provinces/ territories, and nearly 200 local chapters, since 1993. Registration fees and equipment costs can be covered to ensure that “All kids can play!” Kneehill (Regional) KidSport is made up of very dedicated members, some who have been volunteering faithfully and enriching the lives of local children, for over 10 years! Way to Go! (www.kidsportcanada.ca )
Finally, in this community hat-trick; I want to ‘shout out’ to the Three Hills Arts Academy. We all know in leaner times, that our arts programs are sadly and often, first on the ‘chopping block’ for funding opportunities…and yet, this group continues to bring high-quality entertainment, music lessons and so much more to our communities. I had the good fortune of attending their production of Neil Simon’s Barefoot in the Park, on Sunday afternoon and am, again, amazed at the quality acting, stage production, direction and presentation. It was wonderful…thank you!
If at any time, you ask yourself: ‘where will my charitable donations be put to great use?’ I am happy to recommend any or all of the above for a start. I feel, that living in Kneehill Region (Kneehill County and the municipalities of: Acme, Carbon, Linden, Three Hills and Trochu) we are among the most fortunate; to be able to offer hope to others, while enriching our own lives through these and many other proactive local organizations and agencies.
Many thanks for your valuable time in reading this.

Val Warnock
Trochu, AB