We may not have it altogether, but together we have it all

To the Editor;

We may not have it altogether, but together, we have it all. That about sums up what should be happening in our County today. However, that does not seem to be the attitude as of late.

I have a quote on my wall that says, and I quote: “Malicious obedience,” this is the tendency to do only as one is told by another, following the literal translation of their instructions. Generally, people are better served where they can participate in an honest, reasoned discussion where they may not get “what they want” but at least have all the information to understand everyone’s stake and motivation in an issue or issues”. This, in my opinion, says it all.

We may never agree with all the County decisions, but if we are given the reasons, we may be able to better understand why these decisions were made. I believe we have a serious breakdown of real, honest communication and the truth, between what the County is doing, and what the ratepayers perceive they are doing, probably lies somewhere in the middle. While I support he taxpayer’s ability to have a petition requesting a review of our County, in my opinion, I have little faith in Municipal Affairs’ ability, as they are just another governing body who has their own set of issues. In my opinion, we would have been better served by an outside arbitration process. From my research and discussion with the different factions in our County, there are several things that do not add up on both sides. I have yet to discover why. However, having said that, there are things that I know to be wrong. First, you never ever submit anything anonymously. That tells me you either do not fully support your issue, lack information, or are a coward. Another thing I know to be fact is you never, ever threaten someone on social media. Again, the word coward comes to mind. Nor do you use social media as your platform to post, for lack of a better word, crap. I am not on any social media site so I am spared all this blather. Here is another fact, you do not believe anyone completely as there is often a hidden agenda, a personal agenda or the story got told so many times it lost any hope for fact and then simply becomes fiction. If you really want to know the truth, you must do the leg work and talk to all parties, then you have to do the research. This is often daunting, time consuming and in the real world, rarely ever done. We are more prone to just believe at face value because that is easier. There are several types of people in this world, those willing to get involved and get the facts, those who get involved but fail to get the facts (these are the scary ones) and those who are simply apathetic. No matter which category you fall into, do not let social media be your only source for information, and please do not become a social media “sheep”, following along with the masses.

I also would advise that, in the professional world, you keep it professional, despite any personal issues that may come from your personal lives. As a professional, whether you are elected, hired or volunteer, you must separate yourself as you now represent more than just yourself and you made the choice to do so.

So, to conclude, if you really desire the truth, do the leg work. If you do not, then live your life and do not spread gossip, bully or threaten on any social media site because that is not cool and in the end, serves absolutely no purpose and does nothing to help with actually making this a stronger, better County.

Barb Maxwell

Huxley, AB