We all have a “right” to express our opinion

To the Editor

Re: To kill several rocks with one bird.

A local doctor recently wrote a letter entitled “Share my sentiments”, 9/26/18, condemning the letters written by an “ill informed non-resident”. The beauty of our democracy is that we all have a “right” to express our opinion as long as those opinions do not advocate violence and hatred towards others, or advocating the overthrow of our governments through violent means. We are “entitled” to express our opinions through the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the Canadian Constitution.

Our veterans have fought and died to protect those “rights”. Let’s not forget their sacrifices for our freedoms.

For those individuals who don’t like democracy, maybe they should choose to live in a dictatorship (Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc.) where freedom of expressions are not tolerated.

In another article entitled “Summer of Failure”, 9/26/18, the author suggested passing laws to curb crime. Great idea, but who makes the laws? Surprise! It’s the politicians who make the laws. They should stop campaigning for the next election and get to work. I sometimes wonder how much actual time our politicians spend working. In America, some studies suggest that for every hour spent on legislation, 2-3 hours are spent on campaigning.

Our MP also suggests simplifying the tax codes and making them more transparent. Great ideas, but what was he doing when his gov’t was in power on these matters? Remember “The Panama Papers” and “The Paradise Papers”?

Why is it that our billionaires and millionaires have seen their personal wealth increase this year by 18% while the rest of society struggles with salaries and benefits that hardly keep up with inflation and the cost of living?

For example, Jeff Bezos (Amazon) has seen his personal wealth increase by over $60 billion so far this year. I suggest people read the weekly reports on the billionaires of the world in “Forbes Magazine” and “Bloomberg’s Billionaires” to understand why there is a growing disparity between the top 10% and the rest of humanity.

We hear of people and businesses complaining about raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, but not a “peep” is made about those individuals who are raking in millions and billions of dollars every month. Again, read “The Panama Papers” and “The Paradise Papers”.

In the letter entitled “I would like to think better of my fellow Canadians”, 9/12/18, the author states “PM Trudeau will consider banning hand guns and other firearms”. Let’s be factual, eh? Bill C-71 does “not” ban hand guns. There will be enhanced background checks on the purchase of pistols, rifles, and shotguns, and the sellers of such weapons are expected to keep accurate records. Moreover, the RCMP will decide which weapons will be classified as “restricted or prohibited”, not the politicians in power.

Moreover, some folks will use the usual mantra that such new regulations will not prevent crimes. If that’s the case, why have laws about drinking and driving since we know there will always be individuals who will drive while intoxicated. The same goes for drug users. The same goes for people who use cell phones while driving. Let’s not have laws (let’s have anarchy/chaos instead) because there will always be individuals who don’t care about obeying the laws.

Oh, and we’ll also hear that registering weapons will make criminals out of “law abiding citizens”. I must be a criminal then because I had registered to vote, to have a driver’s licence, to work in my chosen profession, to immigrate to this country, and to serve in the military. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, and pilots must also register to practice in their professions. Are they criminals too?

Lastly, in the letter entitled “Regular contributor and basher of all things Albertan”, 9/19/18, the author claims that the worst atrocities were committed by atheists. Hmm? Were the religious wars of the 16th and 17 centuries in Europe committed by atheists? What about the Holocaust? Who committed those atrocities in WWII against Jews, Catholics, teachers, liberals, gypsies, mentally and physically handicapped people, Slavic people, etc.? Germany that’s who! And the majority of Germans are Christians. Ever read the oath the German soldier had swore to in order to serve in the German Army? To serve Hitler?

How about the atrocities committed against slaves and native peoples in the conquest of the Americas by England, France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal (so-called Christian nations)? How about the US, supposedly a Christian nation, committing atrocities against blacks and native peoples? Against Jews? Against Mormons? Against Asians?

George Thatcher

Trochu, AB