Abuses of euthanasia featured in Fatal Flaws

Dear Editor;

Euthanasia has now been legal in Canada for over two years. The numbers of people getting euthanized is rising at an alarming rate, while legal challenges look to expand eligibility even more. This is not without significant negative repercussions to health care and society in general.

The first half of 2018 saw a 30% increase in completed euthanasias in Canada compared to the prior six months.

Meanwhile palliative care is still unavailable for six of seven Canadians who need it. Is it any wonder that hospitals are preferentially offering assisted dying rather than assisted living? Is it any wonder that many patients in Quebec feel pressured to “choose” euthanasia? A society that does not care for its most vulnerable citizens is no society at all.

Fatal Flaws (fatalflawsfilm.com) is a film that explores the risks and abuses of euthanasia laws in Canada as well as the US, Belgium and the Netherlands. Check the display ad in the Oct. 3 and 10 issues of The Capital for details about the Oct. 10 showing of this film in Three Hills.

Dr. Luke Savage

Three Hills, AB